Day: 3 September 2021

Imagery; a powerful marketing tool.


As we all know, in recent years making a great first impression online is incredibly important for both schools and their prospective parents. Photography and videography play an important role in marketing and advertising because they tell a story. Each school is unique, and it’s hard to get this across simply using words alone.

Professional photography and videography, if done well – connects you with people and makes us imagine what it would be like to be stood in that scenario. We immediately pick up on things like school standards, how welcoming a place looks, their surroundings, and most importantly; children & students looking happy and inspired at school. It’s incredibly important for a prospective parent to look at your school website and visualise that their child could be happy there. Every school has their own values, and it’s amazing how impactful good visuals can be to show these off.

High quality images are a vital aspect to bring a school’s website to life and to communicate it’s distinctive identity.  Working with a professional photographer like Katie gave us a set of outstanding images that truly celebrate what makes our school special.

Alex Savage – Notre Dame High School

Where can you use your imagery?

Anywhere you like! So many opportunities to encapsulate your schools message and showcase what you’re proud of.

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Newsletters
  • Banners
  • Billboards
  • Posters around school
  • Slideshows around school
  • Within your videography reels

You are provided with both web-resolution and high-resolution imagery for both upload and print, blow them up as big as you please! 

The Peterborough School – Billboard

4 reasons to go with an expert

  1. You’ll receive a big batch of impressive photos that you can use across a variety of different platforms. Every few months, introduce new photos onto your website to make it look up to date and current.
  2. Specialist school photographers are fully DBS checked, so you can be sure that safeguarding standards are always upheld.
  3. Professional school photographers and videographers have the confidence, skills and knowledge to create imagery that will make the most out of your website designs and print material.
  4. Leave nothing to chance: a professional can offer advise on what works well within a school saving valuable time on your shoot day. Schools are fast pace environments, and a specialist can keep up. If you’re showing one around, be sure to wear comfy shoes!

Introducing edupic.


edupic is a fresh and exciting educational multimedia company providing professional, high-quality photographyvideography and virtual tour services for schools and multi-academy trusts. Founded by Katie Roach, former senior photographer at leading school website company e4educationedupic has been created to transform and enhance the multimedia provision across the education sector.

With years of specialist school experience, and hundreds of happy customers, Katie and her experienced team of photographers and videographers are here to provide you with a dedicated, personalised service that will take your school multimedia options to the next level.

Being employed by e4education for the start of my professional career was such a blessing. Over 8 years I photographed over 900 schools and learnt an incredible amount which has genuinely shaped me into the person I am today. I’m thrilled to have built many special relationships with schools across the UK and I am proud that edupic will be building upon these strong foundations, offering all schools access to a professional and enjoyable multimedia experience.

Katie Roach, founder & senior photographer at edupic

Why choose edupic?

Focused purely on the education sector, edupic is here to ensure you and your school have the very best school photography and videography experience. We are passionate about helping you capture your vision, providing inspirational imagery and immersive video footage that can be used to promote and market your school through your website, printed materials and signage.

Each of our talented team understands the importance of encapsulating your requirements into a visual medium, and has the confidence, skills and knowledge to create a day which is practical, streamlined and enjoyable for you and your students.

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for all the beautiful photos you took the day you came to do the photo shoot. We were all looking at them this morning and were bowled over with how wonderful they are.

Bent’s Green Primary School

The edupic experience

From your initial contact with us to receiving the finished edits from your shoot, one of our team will be on hand to support you every step of the way.

It all starts with a preparation questionnaire – allowing you to highlight your goals and aspirations for the project, as well as planning the different areas of your school that you would like us to capture on film or camera. Setting the groundwork is key for any multimedia project, so we may also have a more detailed conversation over the phone ahead of your shoot as well.

On the day of the shoot, we’ll arrive bright and early, ready to begin filming or shooting photos at the beginning of the school day. Safeguarding is a high priority for us, so you can rest assured that all of our team are fully DBS checked, experienced professionals who have worked with many schools over the years.

We will move from lesson to lesson, providing a fast-paced yet enjoyable experience that allows us to capture as much of your school atmosphere and life as possible. Whilst some photos may need to be staged, for example science experiments or PE lessons, we will also aim to get a mix of authentic off-the-cuff images which are completely natural too, as in our experience, these look really powerful and compelling.

Once we have completed your shoot, we’ll go back to the studio and begin the editing process! For our videography projects, we’ll send you a draft of the finished footage for approval / edits. Our photography customers will receive a large selection of images which will be accessible via a secure password protected online gallery and available for use on a variety of different platforms.

We were really impressed with Katie on the photography day. It was a pleasure working with someone so professional, friendly and knowledgeable. We will definitely consider Katie for any future photography requirements for the school.

Blackfen School for Girls

Our partnership with e4education

edupic has a strong relationship with e4education and we are proud to continue working closely in partnership with them to provide their customers with an enriching multimedia experience.

edupic understand how schools work and what they need from their photography and videography. This fantastic partnership with e4education will be able to provide that and so much more, streamlining the process to provide an even more exciting experience for our customers.

Katie Roach, founder & senior photographer at edupic

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